Consulting? Coaching?

Consulting and coaching is often misunderstood, many a times I see how CEO, COO and Presidents of start-up companies need to make a decision that they do not have the know-how, experience, skill, or understanding to make.

They know they need coaching, they know they need to make a decision, but they are unable to make a decision. They would call you to an initial meeting, they will tell you what they want, and they will ask for a proposal for your services, they will get a proposal as requested and then see that you actually want to be paid for your services “Surprise, surprise”.

At that point, a reasonable expectation would be for a reply that either says, “Thank you for your kind proposal, but we are going with someone else”, or maybe even a counter offer. However, they are scared/busy/forgot/don’t know how to call or write you back. They do not have the basic etiquette and understanding that after you took your time to meet with them; that you had expenses like travel, parking and others; that they owe you a reply; they lack the simple understanding that this is part of running a business.

Etiquettes are a minimum and basic codes of behaviour that differentiate us as modern society from the Neanderthal society, they include certain mannerism and behaviours, such as answering a proposal even if it means a negative answer. If you as a businessperson do not keep your word, do not take the time to reply respectfully to clients/service providers/, I can guarantee you that your days are numbered as a successful business.

Coaching is in part exactly that, adding value to you as an executive and to your company through betterment of your behaviour patterns, knowing how to do what and when. Much of the daily stress on executives is due to lack of understanding on how to act or behave in certain situations. This lack of knowing creates a lot of pressure on people. Take a situation when you have to fire a person working for you, what do you say to a person that you are about to let go, knowing he has a family, responsibilities, mortgage, car payments? The stress on the person doing the firing is in many occasions bigger than the person fired.

Coaching and consulting of executives, helps the executives to better understand their role in the company, helps executives become better leaders, better decision makers. It helps executives have more stress free time to run the company better, and reach their goals and objectives easier. By the way, you will find you also become a better spouse, parent and friend outside the office.

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