Develop a system that will measure and estimate risks at the workplace?

As we are getting into month 16 of the Pandemic, Canadians continue to keep the 2-meter distance, wear masks and take steps to avoid overwhelming the health care system, although we are today (June/30/2021) entering 2nd stage.

In the first few months Canadians went nuts stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, and other non-perishables, it seems that this trend has subsided as Canadians were less likely to stock up on essentials down from 63% on March 2020 to 47% on July 2020.

This is an eye opener for future reference, Canadians need to plan for future emergencies such as the Pandemic, and there can be a whole new branch of business that can grow out of this trauma.

I should say there will be a whole new branch of business that will deal with such emergencies.

Just think of all the new opportunities that have come out of this Pandemic, the effect on our work from home, schooling from home, the effect on the air quality, logistics and online shopping, the all video zooming that has spread to daily use in business, government, social, schooling at all levels, new services that came out of no-where such as delivery services, health-care services, and manufacturing of needed perishables such as masks E.g.

I believe that opportunities that have sprang out of this Pandemic are no less viable than opportunities in Hi-Tech.

It is also very important to develop a system that will measure and estimate risks involved in such cases as a Pandemic or other similar emergencies at the workplace, we will discuss next article…:

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