Branding yourself and your company

When you hear the words personal branding, don’t wave it off as a new trend of the marketing gurus. Take note that personal branding is here to stay and will only become stronger with time

By now you must already know that you need to treat yourself as a very important commodity, you can have the best product and the best prices and the best of everything, never the less, in case your potential clients or people around you don’t like/trust you they will never associate with you, or buy from you!!!!

So, developing a solid personal brand, will determine what others say and think about you when you are not in the room, your reputation which can make and break your personal career. In case you are running a business, your business will set you apart from your competitors. A good brand will sell you and your company regardless of you having the best of everything…. a good smile, a good name, a good reputation can take you a long way in the world of business.

How do you go about building yourself a good name? How do you turn yourself and your company into something that will generate a pleasant memory, a memorable appeal, how do you turn your company into a positive brand, how do you establish your brand?

Here are a few simple ideas to start you up on a good way to brand yourself and your business…

Do you have a good company logo, a memorable one, a meaningful one? – if you don’t it is time to make one, if you have one make sure it is indeed a good logo or remake it.

Make a list of the benefits you and your company give to your potential clients, the solutions you provide, the problems you solve.

What is your company website? What does it portray? The info it gives? The company color? The design of the website?

Do you have a photograph on the different platforms? Is it a good respectable picture?

Make sure your message is simple and clear, keep words simple, your message uncomplicated; the message explains in less than two sentences why you are the best….

Have a clear mission statement that tells your company mission very clear, using key words, and easy to get points.

Be consistent on all your websites and points of contact with public….use same colors, logo, wording, present a reliable trustworthy business,  be clear, be available….

Write a clear bio for you and the company explaining why you are the best for the potential client, and potential employer. Add a few personal points to make you a more likeable.

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