What do you think when you see Julia Roberts on the ad for Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle fragrance?

Influencers always existed; we used sports figures, movie stars, models, famous and rich, sexy and beautiful, and other celebs since forever.

Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Ava Gardner, etc, etc, etc. – you name it they did it, cigarettes, shampoo, beer, cars, whiskey, almost all of Hollywood took part in the aggressive advertising industry throughout the years, from the 1920 until today…. today George Clooney sells coffee machines on TV and online, Jennifer Aniston sells cosmetics. Sports figures sell you beer, computers, printers, diets, medicine, saving plans, houses, vacations, and future presidents.

What changed are the tools we use to influence, the broader effect on people, and just the sheer numbers that are mind boggling. To have an impact on people and be an effective influencer, one must develop excellent verbal /written/presentation skills, be a positive figure, show exemplary behavior, be an outstanding figure worth following.

To bear the status of influencer, you must be interesting, reliable, convincing, and you must stand behind your story. You create excitement, you move people to act on your advice, and you take responsibility for your advice.

To be an influencer you must also have a following behind you who will act on your advice and when you are good and doing a proper job you will also share and pass it on to others to grow your influence even more. It is not necessary to have millions of followers, followers are not counted by numbers only, a good following of a small and dedicated group that will enthusiastically act on your words are much more effective than millions that ignore your advice.

Followers can be found anywhere in your existing contact list, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even your email contacts can all be included on your potential followers list…