Shoot For The Stars: Advance Your Career in Accounting and Finance!

Growth; something many of us strive for in regards to our career. For some, growth means learning something as often as possible and for others, it means advancing status within the workplace. Whilst a desired construct, growing within your field requires hard work and experience. Growth is contingent on these factors as well as your companies view on the lather.

Many find themselves struggling to grow within their respective field; whether due to a lack of resources or the inability to confidently propose a new ideal to your companies lead. Luckily, the accounting and finance fields have plenty of room for growth and recruiters in these respective fields can aid you in maximizing your talent and potential.

What skills do I need to advance in my career?

Advancement within your career is contingent on your desire to work your way up, patience, and your companies view on growth. Typically, one must spend 3-5 years within their respective position prior to advancement opportunities; with some exceptions. Employers want to ensure you have a strong understanding of your current workplace responsibilities and can actively demonstrate said understanding prior to taking on a role requiring addition responsibilities. The more experienced you are within your current position, the more comfortable your employer may feel about your ability to take on other tasks.

It’s imperative to put in the work, not only within your day to day tasks, but when it comes to learning as well. Learning is an essential part of growth and prepares you for new opportunities. Learning is as simple as repetition of a task, understand why a task is done, finding new methods for completing a task, etc. Combined with experience and effort, it can have a positive and significant impact on your ability to thrive within your field.

How can an accounting and finance recruiter help me advance in my career?

We work closely with you and reputable and relative businesses to ensure all parties are satisfied. We assess your current skills as well as your aspirations in relevance to your career. From there, we find positions and companies that best suit your individual needs. Specific recruiters will have various placement services, whether you are looking for temporary projects, full-time placements, or confidential placements, which will help cater to the direction that you are looking for your career to go in.

Each individual in these fields will have different objectives, which a recruiter can take into account. For example, if you are looking to become a CFO one day, the path you take can be very different from someone hoping to become a senior partner at a firm. Recruiting firms are able to tap into the experiences you need before applying to difference advancements.

The growth of Accounting and Finance

Over the next couple of years, there is an expected increase in demand for accounting and finance associated positions. This employment growth is tied to the health of the economy so as it grows, there will be a higher demand of workers needed to prepare and examine financial statements. With globalization becoming more of a trend as well, mergers and acquisitions associated with overseas business become more complex requiring expertise from both the accounting and finance side.

Future Implications of the Accounting and Finance Field

Beyond the growth of accounting and finance fields, there are external advancements that will affect the future implications of these careers. First off, as technology becomes more prevalent in everyday operations, firms in both fields will have to adapt their work towards a more efficient process and method to remain competitive. For example, artificial intelligence has now become a critical component in many firms as it brings quick solutions and efficient transfer of information. This implies that individuals trying to break into these fields must develop a basic foundation of technology and digital media in order to succeed in advancing their positions.  

Another consideration is the wide range of accounting and financial careers. Many of these positions are catered towards specific industries which means that to advance in certain firms, you need to create a niche for yourself. Find a specialty that complements your accounting or financial skills so that you are able to become more valuable of a candidate. An example would be healthcare accounting; it is a prominent industry with many positions open but limited amount of people are able to tackle both the medical and business side of operations. Those that can are able to leverage higher wages and positions.

When it comes to being recruited for these number-heavy positions, having recruiting teams that know the skills and experiences you need will be beneficial. Contact our team today to learn more about the opportunities that are a fit for you.

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