For all those who are celebrating Purim – Happy and joyous Purim.

#Purim is one of the happiest of #Jewishholidays. It celebrates the survival of the Jews in Ancient Persia when they were set for slaughter at the hands of the king’s advisor, Haman. The Book of Esther, or the Megillah, tells how Haman hated the Jews because Mordecai would not bow down to him so he convinced the king that the Jews were a threat that needed to be eliminated. Mordecai’s cousin, #Esther, became the queen and used the king’s love for her to save her people from Haman’s plot.

Purim, is celebrate with parades, costumes, #food gifts, festive meals, and the giving of charity. The most well-known food eaten during Purim is Hamantaschen, which is shaped to be symbolic of the evil Haman’s hat and his triangular ears are filled with poppy seeds, fruit preserves, or any other creative fillings.

It is certainly one of my favorite foods. Enjoy!

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