Why the Best Labour Isn’t Knocking on Your Door and How to Change That!

As we forge forward into 2019, unemployment rates are plummeting, currently being at 5.7% – a historical low since 1976. Job opportunities and employee attrition rates are rising like never before, and it’s becoming more and more challenging for finance and accounting firms to lock down quality employees with the right credentials.

Before you can blink, a competitor has already swooped in and taken a valuable candidate that you had your sights on, leaving you bereft in the bargain. The solution?  Up the ante with your recruitment efforts. In this article, we share some smart strategies to onboard a talented workforce (despite the employment market being as competitive as it is) and how an accounting & finance recruitment agency in Toronto can help your goal along.

Your year-end, or quarter end, is fast approaching. If you don’t onboard the right staff at the right time, paperwork might pile up, stalling your operations. With these simple tips, you can get ahead of the hiring frenzy even in a tight labour market.

1. Make It Worth Their While: Offer Job Security.

The demand for accounting and finance professionals is high. What with consolidations, mergers and the impact of technology, more and more companies are leveraging current trends to attract the best talent. So how do you get that elusive hiring edge?

Great candidates need a great reason to stick around. Whether you’re hiring to fill full-, part-time vacancies or on a contract basis, be crystal clear with your soon-to-be-employee about the number of hours per month, the shifts and the income schedule they should come to expect.

When it comes to their career, nothing is more frustrating that grappling with an unpredictable employer whose behaviour (and their future) is dictated on a whim. Employees will be prevented from planning other personal and professional activities if they are unaware of the shifts they will be assigned and the number of hours per shift they are to cover. This puts them in an uncomfortable position; one wherein they won’t be able to take care of their loved ones, pay the bills or pursue their recreations.

The last thing you’d want is an unhappy employee on your hands. Even if you’re in the process of hiring, prospects are usually looking for a clear cut job schedule that they can rely on. Provide this at the outset and rest assured that candidates will see you as a valuable firm to cast their lot with.

2. Is Your Competition Also Hiring? Get Ahead By Optimizing Employee Benefits.

Experienced finance and accounting professionals are savvy job seekers who aren’t willing to simply settle in their professional lives. They will make quick career moves if they see fit. If that means increasing their remuneration or getting a leg up in the corporate ladder, these professionals won’t think twice about going to a firm that’s able to provide the same.

Make your organization stand out as a desirable place to work. The way to do this? By making an offer – an attractive one! Talk to prospective employees about opportunities for growth and success within the organization, foster a collaborative work ethic, lay out a general promotion timeline, hint at increments and, all in all, paint a great package.

This will help you retain old employees and attract new ones. Generally, a one-size-fits-all benefits program backfires. Customize a targeted program based on the employee in question.

3. Call Upon a Reliable Recruitment Agency to Offset the Stress of Hiring.

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to rely on job portals to find new employees. Every now and then you’ll need to broaden your search and tap into other resources. Approach reliable recruiters who have experience in hiring finance and accounting professionals on short notice.

A trusted recruitment agency that specializes in connecting firms with competent finance and accounting professionals – that’s your answer! Not only will you offset the stress of hiring, but you can also get any position filled on short notice. Whether you’re looking to hire for a full-, part-time or contract position, rest assured of quality placements.

(With the tax season almost upon us, tensions are running high.) Don’t get distracted from running your business by drowning yourself in the recruitment procedure.

With a qualified recruitment agency, you can expect:

  • A zero-tolerance and error-free screening process
  • Your purple squirrel: Hire only qualified candidates that match your exact prerequisites
  • Finance and accounting professionals that come with a list of references
  • Quick responses for all your job openings
  • Confidential placements
  • Unlimited access to valuable connections in the Canadian business world
  • Candidates that are willing to stay with you for a long or short time – depending on what you need
  • Cost-effective services that make the whole experience worth it!

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