Recruitment for Accounting and Finance Professionals

As the summer comes to an end, many firms are beginning their recruitment processes. From applications and tests to interviews and formal meet and greets, there is a lot that goes into the recruitment of your new employees. With Controllers on Call, a recruiting agency in Toronto, your finance and accounting-driven candidates will be easier to seek.

Our system allows us to retrieve the best candidate for our clienteles’ position openings while completing all the necessary background work so that clients can take the time to train and integrate the new employees and fulfilling the staffing needs rather than spending the time to screen every applicant.

Keep reading to learn how Controllers on Call recruits for firms and the advantages of using a firm like CoC:

Recruitment Process

At Controllers on Call, the recruitment process includes the screening services, matching candidates to the positions, narrowing your searches, and finding perfect fit your company. The team focuses on both temporary and permanent positions, even confidential placements, depending on the confidentiality of your work.

One of the unique services that is provided is the Zero Tolerance Error Free Screening, which ensures that the candidate that is hired will be the right match, both qualifications-wise and duration-wise. Often, there are hired candidates that leave in a timeline that is not ideal for the firm, which is why we set this screening guide in place. Zero tolerance means that we ensure that the applicants are able to stay in the location for the duration of their work, have the ability and means to complete these tasks, and can produce high-level work, up to the client’s standards.

This work can be tedious for a high-functioning firm which is why teams like Controllers on Call can take over the process and produce top candidates in an efficient way.

Advantages of Using a Recruitment Firm

Time is Money!

As the saying goes, time is money and the more time wasted on tedious tasks, the more money is going out the window. As financial and accounting firms operate in efficient time frames with deadlines and government laws to abide by, the firm can benefit from saving their time by utilizing recruitment firms. Especially when the traditional method of posting a job online can attract thousands of people out of which only 10 are qualified for. The time to narrow it down can be saved through outsourcing recruitment.

Access to the Best

Recruitment services know the best way to tap into the best candidates and they often have a pool of qualified candidates for a variety of positions. When it comes to the financial and accounting firms, there are many newly graduated students and experienced industry professionals that may have applied to other positions that are just as qualified for new openings. Since the focus of recruitment companies is to gather this data and transfer people to new positions, they have the best understanding of the candidates in the field.

Costs of Outsourcing

When comparing the costs of outsourcing to a recruitment firm in comparison to doing in-house recruitment, the recruitment firm will save you money in the long run. In-house recruitment may look like it saves money, but recruitment agencies have access to top job boards which costs more for in-house one time recruitments as these agencies have constant jobs that they post.

Beyond the time that needs to be put in to complete these rounds of marketing the job, the accessibility to market these positions is why recruitment agencies come on top.

Peace of Mind

Depending on the one you choose, your recruitment agency should have a steady record of choosing good candidates. This allows you to keep a peace of mind, knowing that the final candidate(s) you meet with are the top, making you more confident in the hiring process. Lastly, once you have worked with a recruitment firm once, they will develop an understanding of your involvement and the types of employees your firm is looking for, allowing them to efficiently drive the process the next time you hire them.


Financial and accounting firms are niche when it comes to the people that they hire and although there are thousands of qualified individuals for positions, it does not mean a firm has the time or energy to sift through all their resumes to find one candidate. Recruitment firms were built to have that understanding and processes completed before you even hire them, which is why they are a great choice for any firm when it comes to hiring.

Are you a looking to recruit accounting and finance employees? Contact our team today to learn about our niche and our practices to find you the best candidates.

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