Positions for Finance & Accounting in Ontario

In Ontario, the job market is saturated with opportunities in finance and accounting. As more businesses begin to move to the hub of Toronto and expands to the other areas of Ontario, there becomes more job openings and positions for these fields.

Having a degree in either finance or accounting opens many doors to a wider range of job opportunities. Beyond the traditional route of working for the big 4 or in a Fortune 500 company is the bulk of the work in those fields. Whether it be the entertainment business or informa there is a diverse range of work that require these degrees.

Leveraging your finance and accounting degree can be quite versatile in the business world. While many positions beyond auditing and general number crunching, there could be a new career in the works for you. When it comes to the basis of accounting, there are many types. Depending on the company that employs you, there may be a different line of work than you are used to. For example, an industry that has been growing due to demand in the environmental sector is environmental accounting.

Both public and private organizations are looking for these types of accountants, auditors, and consultants as they require both an accounting degree and knowledge of environmental regulations.

Beyond just keep tracking of numbers and spending, accountants in this sector are responsible for investing in green processes, products, and services while maintaining environmental controls. As Toronto is becoming more integrated with the entertainment industry, the accounting sector in that field is more prominent as well. Whether it be with self-employed artists or production companies, having a background in accounting combined with expertise in copyright law and royalties places you in a high back-end position of the company.

On the more academic side of accounting and finance are the auditing and research sectors in healthcare, technology, and forensic industries. These industries require top applicants. With healthcare and technology, there is an influx in demand for finance jobs. For healthcare, there is a high demand of finance positions associated with regulatory and compliance expertise. These knowledge bases provide the best understanding of both the work and the industry itself.  

For technology fields, there are less finance leaders that possess the technical skills and are able to go beyond with nontechnical skills used for data analytics initiatives. Whether it be providing consulting services, investment guidelines, or just interpreting economic trends and stock performance, there is a position for a financial lead.

For departments such as forensics, they might not have the traditional accounting career paths to offer but as white-collar crime and financial disputes escalate during uncertain economic times, there is ample opportunity for financial careers and accounting jobs. In this field, having strong analytical skills and experience with criminal justice and law enforcement will be beneficial.

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