Looking to #Hire an On-Call #Accountant? We Can Help You Find One on Short Notice!

When it comes to big operational #businesses, the human capital can constantly change with little notice. Employees move, change their careers, alternate their passions, and companies end up struggling to find quality, suitable #candidates for their open positions. To find an accountant on call can be difficult when companies have timeframe deadlines and piles of work that need to be completed.

In #Toronto, #ControllersOnCall (ConC) has you covered. With a multitude of connections and a wide database of candidates for every need, finding an accountant who is on standby to accommodate your urgent accountancy requirements is a quick and easy task. Understanding the process work and the reasoning that ConC can successfully find these candidates will be beneficial so you can be comfortable knowing that your team will be built with successful candidates.

Keep reading to learn about how ConC assists in filling in your open accounting and financial positions:

What is an On-Call Accountant?

An on-call accountant is a term to address accountants who fill in temporary roles and can be accessed on short notice. They are more than just anyone who is qualified, to find temporary accountants who are successful, companies like ConC have to go through a rigorous screening process so that the candidates can be successful in short periods of time at companies.

What are you Looking for?

The initial step with any client is to understand the open positions available that need to be filled by ConC. This encompasses the following:

  • The industry the business is in: pending on what this is, the role of a financial advisor or accountant could be very different. For example, for a medical equipment business, it may be beneficial to have a financial advisor that has a background in the sciences in comparison to a fast food chain where numbers are quite relative and may not need the advisor to have set experiences.
  • Location: big companies often find a need for on-call and temporary accountants and with multiple locations, employees may find themselves fluctuating based on their preference. Having employees/candidates understand right away the location they are hired for is important.
  • The specific position that is open: if a business is looking for someone to audit or take over their books, it would differ from someone giving financial consult help. Ensuring that the position is clear will help find a candidate that excels in the particular role, in the specific department.
  • The duration of the position: many times, companies are looking to fill the position for a short while whether that be a couple weeks or a couple months until they can find a more suitable, permanent candidate. This often happens when there is an unexpected change in human capital, which is why ConC can find accountants on call that would be perfect for the position.
  • The level of expertise that the candidate needs: with ConC, the candidates that we choose come fully prepared to take on any tasks so that no time is wasted with training and integration into the company. If there are additional needs, ConC provides resources and backend support to both the candidate and the company so that the integration is always successful.

Benefits of using ConC

Whether it be ConC or another company that provides similar recruiting services, the benefits of having outsourced this task comes tenfold. When it comes to unexpected openings of positions, companies are usually not as equipped as they’d like to be to hire a new employee. There are a lot of uncertainties and risks to mitigate that can be projected to the outsourced company to deal with.

Especially since the pool of candidates that ConC has access to our top tier accountants or financial advisors that have various experiences, making them the best choice for different clients, the accessibility to hire top on-call accountants is easy. In addition to that, there is a Zero Tolerance Error Free Screening, which supports that the candidate will be the right match because we know that needing temporary accountants has specifications, as shown above, and ConC ensures that they are met so that hired employees know to stay in the location they are assigned to, for the duration of their contract, with the ability to complete high-level work, up to the client’s standards.

At ConC, we understand the tedious processes that it takes to recruit a new employee with no warning which is why we have great screening processes and pools of candidates ready for you. With our experience, we are able to produce successful results quickly and efficiently.

Are you looking for new employees in the accounting or financial field? Contact our team today to get started!

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