Are racial issues discussed in the workplace?

The death of #GeorgeFloyd last year has managed to rattle again the #racial issues not only in the USA but in Canada and other countries around the world as well.

The outrage indeed was taken to the streets and is still shown frequently on TV and discussed often on many occasions, the main question though – is it being discussed at the #workplace?

#Racism, real or imaginary needs to be surfaced and dealt with at all levels of the workplace; here are a few pointers to help you deal with it…

Most important: Never hide things, tell lies, make up stories, always tell the truth, be reliable, and educate yourself.

1: make sure you have a company clear policy, stating company values, vision, commitments to all people regardless of #religion, #gender, #race, #origin, and #politicalagenda.

2: make sure you have an open-door policy for #employees so they may make complains free of peer pressure or fear of retaliation

3: commit to making necessary adjustment to bring your company to the level of #equality, #justice, #fairplay expected from a 21-century company.

4: educate yourself on the issues do not rely on rumors and hearsay from parties that may have hidden agendas.

5: make sure you are clear, and you voice your opinions, in case you are a leader, be a leader and put the company on the right way. BE DECISIVE and deal with the issues to their resolve.

6: create an environment for discussions, and let discussions take place when needed, and you as leader must lead the discussions.

7: let the community be a part of your company; interact with the community you are in, for better business, better relations, better safety

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