New Year’s Staffing: How to Hire the Best Employee on Short Notice

The new year is here! With the initial hustle and bustle of 2019 and the fast approaching tax season, accounting and finance professionals on contract quickly become your business’s top priority. Trouble is, finding the right talent is an elusive art and one that takes some doing. ‘Tis the Season to Onboard Reliable and Competent Professionals Amidst…


On-Call Staffing – What is It and How Does It Benefit my Business?

The business world is moving at a very fast pace and in order to keep up, people have to adapt and move just as quickly. The professional climate fluctuates to a significant degree, and that has contributed to high employee attrition rates. Thus, on-call staffing comes into play. What is On-Call Staffing? On-call staffing (or temporary staffing)…


Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights

This year #Jews around the world will be celebrating #Hanukkah – an eight-day #festivalof lights which begins this year on #December the 2nd. * Why is Hanukkah celebrated? Around 200 B.C More than 2,000 years ago in what is now called Israel, a Syrian king named Antiochus allowed the Jews who lived there to continue…


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I Quit! Here is my two week notice

I learned the hard way! Every time an employee hands in their two week notice, I cringe! Why? I have been down that road and know what is waiting for me. OUCH! NOT AGAIN! Experience taught me that the #recruitment process is lengthy, stressful and expensive and so my objective now is to always to hire an…


100 Years Later…………..

We just marked #100 years to the end of the “Great War”; the #war that was to end all wars. However, as we are looking back from where we are today, what can we really conclude? How much of that war is still dictating our lives today? How much of our #world has changed because…


Are you looking for a change? Are you in the #job market seeking your next opportunity?

I have been in the recruitment business for many #years, meet and speak with many frustrated and discouraged #candidates daily. Are you currently in the #job market facing this situation? In case you are, please realize that the #life #cycle of a job search is a campaign. Each campaign requires a predetermined clear vision, strategy…


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Are We Creatures of Habit?

Pay attention and you will find out that you are doing #things in certain order without thinking, for example, we always put on the #socks in the same order, we start to soap ourselves in the #shower in the same order, we put on the left/or right shoe first, and so on. We are also…