New Year’s Staffing: How to Hire the Best Employee on Short Notice

The new year is here! With the initial hustle and bustle of 2019 and the fast approaching tax season, accounting and finance professionals on contract quickly become your business’s top priority. Trouble is, finding the right talent is an elusive art and one that takes some doing.

‘Tis the Season to Onboard Reliable and Competent Professionals

Amidst the hiring frenzy, you have to deal with your full-time employees taking time off, the stress of the new year, delayed logistics owing to bad weather, clogged customer helplines, and so many other concerns. Whew, seems like a full plate! These factors really test your hiring skills to the limit.

At such short notice, how are you supposed to find someone who can slip into your work culture, and perform their allocated duties without having to be mentored at every step of the way? The clock’s ticking and the paperwork is piling up.

In all likelihood, as a way to hire a temporary employee as soon as possible, you may even skimp out on certain prerequisites that you’d otherwise demand in your ideal candidate. The end result? Having to deal with unqualified staff, disgruntled customers and losing a tidy sum to undo shoddy work that should have been done right in the first place.

Recruiting Competition Hits an All Time Low in the New Year

Metaphorically, recruitment is an auction wherein all business vie and bid for the best talent. The beginning of the new year is usually when recruiters are relatively stagnant, owing to the fact that certain job sectors slow down. This means recruitment competition is low and you can go cherry picking from the best and the brightest candidates. When there are fewer job postings circulating in the online space, yours has a better chance of getting noticed

Moreover, studies have shown that a lot of candidates rethink their professional futures at the onset of the year, and are likely to be on the lookout for career-advancing opportunities. There are fewer seminars, conferences, and meetings scheduled during January, which means already-hired employees have time to consider switching jobs or even taking up a second job to make a little extra cash.

There’s another hidden perk. Because people are more active on social media at this time of year to stay connected with family and friends, as well as with the latest new year trends, your recruitment ads have a better chance of getting in front of the right people. That way, the pool of viable candidates exposed to your business is so much wider.

Hiring Made Easy for Contract Finance and Accounting Openings

Of course, hiring is stressful and tedious, more so during this time of year when tensions run high and so many things demand your attention all at once. The solution? It’s best to leave recruitment to the professionals.

Now you might have used staffing organizations in the past that make lofty promises they can’t live up to. This could either be by way of providing incompetent candidates or not communicating or responding to you with quick answers and quick results.

We go against the grain and reduce the already pent-up stress you have to put up with. Controllers On Call is a staffing organization that specializes in placing qualified accounting and finance professionals. Whether you need a contract or full-time position filled, we know the ropes!

You can expect:

  • A zero-tolerance error-free screening process
  • Candidates that match your very specific needs
  • Credentialed professionals who come with a list of references
  • Fast responses to job openings on very short notice
  • Confidential placements
  • Access to a wide network of connections within the Canadian business sphere
  • Candidates that stay with you for as long or as short as you like – without you having to deal with letting employees go after they’ve fulfilled their responsibilities
  • Cost-effective and affordable services that can’t be beaten!

No longer will you have to put up with a lengthy, costly and tiresome recruitment process. We make it easy. And with the bulk of your workload being looked after by professionals that come with stellar recommendations, you can focus on more important tasks like running your business.

Running Out of Time and Need Capable Staff? Find Your Ideal Temporary Employee Here!

This is where your staff search finally ends. Controllers On Call will unburden your new year’s agenda by taking care of your staffing requirements. Expect pre-qualified professionals who deliver excellent results. Call 905-237-0407 to find your next employee quickly.

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