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ConC (#ControllersOnCall) has the privilege of speaking with, meeting and interviewing many job seekers for the past two decades. It is very clear that many of these job seekers are very frustrated and do not understand why they are unable to achieve their initial goal – an interview with the recruiter, #HumanResources or the hiring manager.

I cannot stress repeatedly that #recruiters and hiring managers are overwhelmed by the constant volume of incoming resumes and how important your #resume is! This is your only opportunity to open the door. Think about it: hundreds of resumes are received for a posted vacancy – why read yours?  I cannot stress enough how important your #resume is! This is your opportunity to prove that you deserve a telephone screening which may lead to in-person interview. You have no more than six seconds to make an impression and for the #hiringmanager to decide whether to read your resume or simply move on. Be specific as to how your skills set match the vacancy. When we are looking to fill a role of a Finance Manager and you are a server in a restaurant why do you even bother sending your resume? Each of our job posting asks specific pre-qualifying questions as to your experience and education. In case your answer is no to all the criteria why do you bother? In case your answer is yes to two out of the three you may have a chance. Do you realize how frustrating it is when at least 50% of the resumes received do not contain the basic qualifications for the advertised position? And so, prior to shooting off your resume to an advertised position always ask yourself: In case I was the person receiving this resume, would I read it? In case your answer is no, DO NOT BOTHER!

Consider the fact that to save the high costs of #hiring, most companies today use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to parse the resumes they receive. Research indicates that ATS rejects at least 75% of resumes received. Do you wonder why?

ATS systems do not care about the formatting of the resume – such as PDF, fancy graphics or fancy fonts.

  • Use conservative fonts such as Calibri, Veranda, Arial, Helvetica
  • Omit headers and footers, the system may or may not be capable of reading your name and contact information.
  • Use standard headings such as “Work Experience”, “Professional Summary”, or “Career Summary”.

ATS systems care about relevant keywords and or any other relevant and important criteria only. For your resume to pass the ATS screening and move it to a live human, it must be filled with as many keywords that come from the advertised job description, former employers, years of experiences, education, even volunteer work. When the job listing states that they are seeking an individual that has experience with accounts receivables and collections, make sure you have the words of accounts receivables and collections where applicable. When the job listing states that you must have worked with ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, make sure you include the exact same words: “ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics” (as long as you actually worked with them). Omitting key words from your resume especially when applying online, ensures that your resume disappears somewhere into a black hole to never be looked at.

Remember that a job search is a process. It may complex at times, it may be frustrating at times, and it may be exciting at times. Now that you have a better understanding on how most Corporations today screen resumes, follow the simple instructions in this article so that technology will not stand between you and the position you know you are qualified for and throw your resume into a black hole never to be seen again!

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