LinkedIn: How to Utilize it to Your Advantage when Looking for a #Job

In today’s day and age, everything is moving at a very rapid pace and every aspect of #life seems to be evolving at a speed faster than we can keep up with. With everything moving so fast, it would come as no surprise that organizations, too, are constantly growing, developing, and changing. New #job positions are created, legacy positions are vacated, and the need to hire new #employees arises. This gives those looking for work in the #finance and #accounting field an opportunity to find a position they are passionate about. As an Accounting and Finance recruitment agency in Toronto, we strive to help #candidates find work in their ideal field.

Applying for a new job can be a multitude of things: time-consuming, exciting, nerve-racking, motivational, just to name a few. Prior to applying, candidates want to ensure their information is up to date on both paper and on the internet. Although a #resume is a strong indicator of one’s abilities and past work, social platforms can further drive into an individual’s work experience, skills, level of education, etc. While we can aid in making the process of applying to jobs significantly smoother, it is imperative that your online presence is in order and matches what is described on your resume. A plethora of businesses will look at one social network specifically – LinkedIn. #LinkedIn is a social #network geared towards professionals looking for work, looking to hire, or simply looking to promote their current business to a different audience. #Recruiters look for very specific details when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, therefore, it is imperative that you ensure all the information is completed and verifiable. Here are a few things recruiters look for when visiting your LinkedIn profile:

Your profile is complete

This may sound like a given, yet you would be surprised to know how many people leave out critical information on their LinkedIn profile. This could be anything from relative past work experience, education, skills, a professional image of yourself, or a summary. Including work experience from a decade ago that does not pertain to your current career path is fine and in importan. Include these experiences with one line only – Employer name, your title and the duration. All current and recent and relevant work information should be displayed on your profile along with your education levels, educational institutes and the year obtained. All information you provide on your resume should match your LinkedIn profile.

A complete LinkedIn profile goes beyond your experience and the content within. Similar to any other social platform, a profile image is essential. This is one of the first things recruiters look at and it allows them to build a more personable connection. Your image should be high quality and professional; save the #selfies and vacation photos for #Instagram! A simple, professional headshot is a clear indicator that you are in fact, a real person, seriously looking for a new role. Your LinkedIn profile is a representation of who you are as a professional, hence, the information displayed on the platform should reflect just that. Unlike platforms such as #Facebook or #Twitter, LinkedIn is very niche and markets itself as a digital hub for professionals looking to be hired. When sharing content on LinkedIn, you want to be sure it pertains to what you do in a professional realm (again, the vacation photos can be posted elsewhere). Remember that People visiting your profile are often recruiters which look for your recent and all other relevant information.

Build a network

Another key factor recruiters look at is an individuals network. Has this person established a list of professional contacts? Are they engaging with people in their field? Are they actively looking to build and expand? These are all questions recruiters ask themselves whilst perusing a persons network. Having a strong network will show recruiters that you are actively putting yourself out there and willing to reach out to others for an opportunity. A good number of contacts is from 300 and up.

Be active and consistent

Almost everything is done via the #internet in today’s day and age, so it comes as no surprise that some recruiters are strictly viewing digital resumes as opposed to physical copies. With that being said, they tend to dive deeper when it comes to LinkedIn. Content is another huge proponent of a strong LinkedIn profile. Sharing and creating content relevant to what you do or what you are looking to do shows recruiters that you are a) genuinely interested in the field and b) you possess good knowledge.

Engaging with others, sharing posts, and creating your own are great indicators that you are well immersed and ready to continuously learn and grow. Take the time to browse through some content or create your own and ensure that you are consistent. Linking, sharing, commenting, or creating posts show up in your Activity feed and will give recruiters a quick premise of what you are interested in and where your expertise may lie. Do, however, be mindful and remember to keep everything professional. When the content you are about to like or post is something that is more suited for a less business-oriented social platform, it is best to skip over it (or go ahead and share it elsewhere!).

Looking for a new and exciting #career in the accounting and finance field? We can help you find the ideal position! Contact us today!

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