So, you have a campaign designed for the different platforms

So, you have a campaign designed for the different platforms, you set up goals, time lines, you think you understand what success is, do you really?

In most incidents marketers understand most outcome of a campaign except one, how to distinguish between the outcomes? It may look the same, smell the same, talk the same, IS IT THE SAME?

Let’s understand the types of results to expect:

✅Leads – Are these who see your  content/information/message, may have seen your social media ad, and are not taking action since it’s the first time they’ve been  exposed to  your presence and need more information in order to move to the next phase.

✅Prospects – Are these who have now seen your ad and become interested  and are not ready to buy/call/act yet: They are now still checking the market, evaluating options, and typically need more info to generate more trust  with you and your company.

✅Customers – Are these who bought your product/service already: Your goals now are to maintain them as happy clients, use them as your ambassadors of good will towards the world, use their good services as influencers of their specific contact lists, communicate with them to endorse your product/service to their friends, business associates, networks.

It’s much easier to succeed when you know what you need/want, and when you have clear goals that are reasonable, realistic and achievable.

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