Life is short…….do you have a financial or a business plan?

➼To be profitable in business or have constant money in your bank account you need to know what you are doing. You don’t need to be a genius. To have a profitable business you need a business plan, to have constant money in your savings or other accounts you need a financial plan. You can’t start a business “Empty Handed” and except to succeed unless you are the luckiest person alive, and you won’t be able to retire with a shit lot of money unless you were born in the washroom.
➼It takes time, energy, resources, and patience to draw up a worthwhile business or financial plan. You would not dream of building a house without a blue print, or go on a hike in the woods without a map. A business without a business and constant money without a financial plan is as good as starting a new sea faring adventure without a compass.
➼We all have financial goals, and don’t know whether these goals are attainable. A financial plan will help you define realistic goals and outline a strategy for achieving them. Setting realistic goals will also go a long way toward minimizing unpleasant financial surprises.
➼A business plan is the tool that you use to find your way via the stormy “SEA” of “BUSINESS”, to plot a “COURSE” for your company. This plan is your navigation aide on a daily basis. You do not make a move without consulting the map so you don’t end up on an iceberg…..
➼There are many aides, books, videos, lectures on business plans, or financial plans. There is an endless stream of materials today – online, offline, touching on every aspect of your business or personal plan. You just need to do it, be consistent, be true to yourself and your plans listen, learn consistently, keep an open mind and you should do ok, WHEN you follow logic, and your PLANS and without delays. EXCUSES or procrastination are unacceptable.
➼Mind you, this does not mean that errors and mistakes will not happen, when they do, which they will, they will be lessons to be learned, they will be much less of an issue, less damaging, and you can react much faster with a plan.
So, remember who you are, what business or financial plan you are in, and for god’s sake learn from other mistakes, unfortunately the businesses graveyards are filled with companies that did not do all of the above. 

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