Just like with most things in life, there is the right way and the wrong way of doing things……

For some reason it seems that everyone wants to make sure they don’t miss anything which is right or wrong. So here is a little list I compiled talking to people and clients and asking for their opinion on things that you should not do so that you don’t kill every good idea in the company and make sure all creativity is not gone.
Here are the don’t…
Ø Don’t ask that all ideas must be presented in 3 duplicates and must be explained with diagrams in details to at least 5 committees who have no idea of anything, but they are your relatives.
Ø Don’t established processes and systems that cannot and will not be adjusted to the times.
Ø Don’t leave employees with time to explore and find new and improved ways to work.
Ø Don’t keep giving your creative employees mundane boring work to keep them busy and bored.
Ø Don’t tell employees to keep doing their job instead of exchanging ideas with co workers.
Ø Don’t take valuable time and call a lot of meetings.
Ø Don’t criticize new ideas.
Ø Don’t demand a 100 page user manual of each idea.
Ø Don’t make rules that every idea must be endorsed by six co-workers from the accounting dept.
Ø When an idea gets approved, don’t block its implementation in every possible way.
Eliminate these and you will see that not a day goes by without you being able to improve, invent, better your systems, your processing, your bottom-line…

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