Is your LinkedIn profile up to par?

Is your LinkedIn Profile going to stand out to Hiring Managers or HR recruiters?

Many people don’t realize how important their LinkedIn Profile is and that recruiters look for a few key things when analyzing a profile.

 It’s sometimes worth it to invest more time on your profile than on your resume. After all, the profile is the one that will catch the attention of recruiters.

What can you do to stand out?

➼      Get a minimum of 500 connections so that will show of your LinkedIn Profile; Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not show more that that. When you do not have more than 500, it may mean that not many people desire to interact with you. 

➼    Write a relevant, short, catchy, and SEO-friendly #bio – recruiters read a lot of bios. You have no idea how many are incomplete, too complex, or are not updated. A good bio will make you stand out quickly.

 ➼   Actively connect with recruiters – A profile that is connected to recruiters might signal that it is shared by other companies as well. 

➼    Get endorsements – Not having them is not a deal-breaker, yet they are likely to show that you are a good networker, a pleasure to work with, and can deliver. (Pro TIP: a great way to get endorsements is to offer them to others first).

➼     Publish original content – Writing articles show that you are an intelligent and motivated professional. 

➼     Get a professional headshot – Obvious? Not really. There are plenty of professionals using selfies or informal photos without a smile for their profile photos. Having a professional one will make you stand out immediately. 

➼   List all your skills and relevant previous jobs – Don’t leave too much out. In case you were active, let the world know. 

Think of yourself as a brand. You may be extremely professional, pro-active, knowledgeable, and even a good networker in real life, when it is not reflected on your profile, who will know?

You need to market yourself and stand out to your target audience. I know it may sound weird when you have not done it before. Not doing these things though says something about you.

Remember that we communicate no matter what we do. A short, uninteresting LinkedIn profile tells a certain story, one that may not reflect reality and which you don’t want to tell. 

Ask yourself: what is the first thing I look at when I view a LinkedIn Profile and judge yours accordingly.

So take charge and tell the story that will get you noticed.

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