Is it time to switch from your to do list to timeboxing?

What is timeboxing?

The choice between a to-do list and timeboxing may be the most important decision we make about work productivity – and perhaps our sanity. is a very simple and popular time management technique that can help you take better control over your daily schedule. It’s also a very helpful technique for practicing self-discipline and organizing your schedule in a way that your most important tasks come first. Instead of working on the task until it’s done, you proactively decide how much time you’ll spend on it and when (and even where). Timeboxing means setting a fixed amount of time in your calendar for a particular task. It’s like scheduling a meeting in your calendar. You select the day, start and finish hours, define the desired outcome, and reserve time in your calendar. 

marketing manager Neha Kirpalani, a self-confessed productivity nerd who had avoided timeboxing, recently caved in after taking on a new job in which she found herself continually off-kilter. And she’s delighted by the result, suggesting you consider making the switch as well.

  • Develop good morning habits: Life is complicated enough and emergencies continually creep up. “Don’t add another routine into those already packed few hours unless it will genuinely feed the lifestyle and values that are important to you,” she writes on Smart Brief.
  • Digital detox: Turning off your digital devices is likely to create more stress because they are a connection to so many important aspects of your life. She argues going cold turkey is naive; just set boundaries.
  • Deep breaths: She’s actually a big fan of deep breathing when entering a period of meditation or prayer because it can move you into relaxation mode. But a few deep breaths at your computer won’t give you a sense of well-being. It doesn’t address the emotions stirred within you that are creating the stress – anger, jealousy, greed, envy and the like. Instead of taking a deep breath you need to honestly acknowledge what you’re feeling.
  • Declutter your work space: Cleaning your desk won’t magically organize your mind. “Only you know whether your desk is a source of stress and anxiety. You organize it the way it feels right for you, not Marie Kondo,” she says.
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October 28, 2021

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