Is it time to switch from your to do list to timeboxing?

So what is timeboxing?
➼The purpose of timeboxing is to ensure that you use your time productively. To use this technique, you assign a specific deadline to each task. This is known as a timebox and the choice between a to-do list and timeboxing may be the most important decision I made about work productivity – and perhaps my sanity. The principle has its origins in software development and is used by several famous people, including Elon Musk and Bill Gates, to work more efficiently.
➼It is a very simple and popular time management technique that helped me take better control over my daily schedule. I get to set a fixed amount of time in my calendar for a particular task. It’s like scheduling a meeting in my calendar. I select the day, start, and finish hours, define my desired outcome, and reserve time my calendar. when it’s finished, I analyze my progress and move on to the next one. It’s also a very helpful technique for practicing self-discipline and organizing a schedule in a way that my most important tasks come first, instead of working on the task until it’s done, I can proactively decide how much time I will dedicate on it and when (and even where).
➼Timeboxing isn’t a strategy to get all your work done faster—it’s just an effective way to break down, re-think tasks and get my day organized. It certainly replaced my things to do list. With planning came a more strategic approach, rather than just reacting to the urgency of the moment. Things are now scheduled, daily, weekly, monthly where before some to do’s would be at the bottom of my to-do list, losing out to more important things. What a stress reliever!
Timeboxing certainly offers many benefits. Are you ready to make this most important decision about your work productivity – and perhaps our sanity?

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