How do You Communicate Today?

I miss the language used so eloquently by all in the years where being poetic was not an insult, where being educated and using a language properly was not a show of weakness of character, and in most civil places and countries people spoke multiple languages.

➼ In years past, the language was much like a paint brush delivering a clear and understandable picture easy to follow and to understand. Remember the beautiful letter sent by Sullivan Ballou to his wife a few nights before he was killed in a civil war battle? The letter which was written in July 1861, is so beautiful and letter and the language which was used is so incredibly powerful. I encourage you to read the letter which you can find on Wikipedia – Sullivan Ballou, and judge for yourself.

➼ We used to call people and have a talk, today I know that when I call anyone who is less than 60 the call will be answered by a robot. We used to laugh and giggle today we LOL.

➼ I heard of this elderly gentelman that hooked up with a much younger woman as they were in bed the woman was screaming OMG, OMG, and the man had a………

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