Do you know all there is to know about your business?

➼ We take it for granted that an athlete trains for hours daily, a musician practices his/her instrument for hours daily, it is expected and anticipated, and we will be amused knowing practice and training was not part of their daily routines.

➼ Similarly, in businesses, your daily practice is expected, anticipated, and indeed required when you want to excel in your job as a responsible business owner, an employer, and one that is expected to be around providing jobs and a living to a group of dependents that rely on their employer for their livelihood.

➼ You must be on top of things, know every detail of your business, understand your business every detail of operation… put your ear to the sounds and listen to any screeching sound that may signal a problem.

➼ You can only achieve your profit-making goals by knowing your operation, by practicing and making good calls based on good sense and deep understanding of your business, its purpose and its vision, no one can understand your business better than you, and when you want to make a success of your business make sure that indeed you know all there is to know about your business and your competition.

➼ And so, make sure your business data is available to you and your accountants at any given time; you want to be able to make decisions based on true figures and data, not guess work. Keep in mind: more business have gone under because of wrong, misguided and inaccurate data.

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