Do you have a business plan?

➼ Even the best of business or personal plans gets out of date eventually because conditions/situations change.

➼ Nowadays changes are taking place daily and by the minute, not a day goes by without some changes to the world we live in, yesterdays technology is indeed yesterdays technology, last week’s borders are only as good as last week the currency exchange does its bit, and we stand in front of new needs, new ideas to be thought of, and new everything…

➼ So …to adjust our business plan to account for such changes, we must be alert to the changes in our company, in our industry, in our market, and in our community. Changes such as the PANDEMIC and WAR IN the UKRAINE affect our markets by a lot, even small changes in bank and mortgage rates can affect the markets in the short and long run.

➼ Check your plans and standing against changes in last year, see what changes are needed, see what changes need to be implemented.

➼ Be aware, be consistently ready with an updated plan, don’t react, INITIATE…..

➼ Remember to check on your competition.

➼ Most importantly be profitable by keeping an eye on raw materials price, supplies, availability, and so on.

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