Did you ever tell yourself that a cemetery is full of irreplaceable?

Did you ever tell yourself that a cemetery is full of irreplaceable?

Passing all the initial interviews, the company you were meeting with has told you that you have made the top three list. Now it will be a very tight rope walking gymnastics, it is you against the other two considered for the job. You need to be outstanding; you must be at your best, top of your game, the head honcho, in other words: you do not want to Fu…k-…up your chances to win the position. And… you do not want under any circumstances to price yourself out of this job. Nor do you want to underprice yourself, in short: you want to be paid what you are worth and (maybe a little more).

What are the best ways to negotiate your next salary?

What are the ways to walk between the drops and come out on top, dry, high, and with the job in your hands? Here are some ideas and tactics to help you in your job hunting.

You got the job offer, wait, breath in, breath out, have a coffee, NEVER react to a job offer right away regardless of how high or low it was. You want to evaluate all parts of the offer, base salary, commissions, bonuses, benefits, vacation, promotion, how often do you get salary increases, is the car/cellphone/mileage/health insurance that comes with the job? – the key word here is: evaluation.

Research, in case you have not done so before, do it now, check to see what a job like this one, with the same responsibilities, same hours, same number of subordinates pays. Keep in mind same jobs may not pay the same in another city, CFO in Toronto will be paid more than a CFO in Sarnia. Key word here is: research.

Patience, many times the company will offer even more than you were planning to ask, so, do not rush, wait for the offer first, you can always agree/disagree/counteroffer. Silence is a good strategy, after you get an offer, look at the offer, and say nothing! Just think of the little wheels in the other person’s head going round, thinking how you will react. Remember they want you; it is they that just made an offer to you. Keyword here: patience.

Counteroffer potential, when the offer you received was just an opener, you do not necessarily must accept. You can think it over, and when you feel you are being undersold, make a stand, and make a reasonable counteroffer. You may even ask for more than you are willing to settle for, so to leave space for negotiations at a later stage. Keyword is: counteroffer.

Keep in mind; you got a job offer because they want you. Have integrity, do not pressure them to overpay you. In case you end up being paid much more than the company can afford, you may find yourself out of a job once they realize your salary is killing the company. Remember, the cemetery is full of people that are irreplaceable.

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