A few pointers to help us recount of where we are at any particular time

Have you done a check up recently of your short and longterm goals? Your current finances are and how they would look like in the future?

Sometimes, especially after a specific event or a trauma we need to stop, think, and do a recount of the situation… come to think of it, no need to wait for a trauma to be doing a recount of where we are at any particular time… here are a few pointers to help us ..

These are true before we start a business and true during the life time of the business… it may be wise to ask for help from trusted people with regards to some of the questions:

What are my short term and long-term goals?
What are my personal strengths/effectiveness?
What are my personal limitations/shortcomings?
What are my abilities?
What are the things I’m good at and enjoy doing?
What are the things that are important to me and my family?
What are my commitments?

These periodical check-ups can be very useful in understanding your business situation and your situation in general and may be the thing that will save your business and personal life one day and make you a success on the personal level.

For instance:
With our present situation with the inflation running wild Bank of Canada raises interest rate by 0.5%…  in case you do not do a quick checkup you may miss the fact that your monthly commitments went up by $$$ to cover your personal mortgage in case you have one, or pay your line of credit at the bank…..

Conclusion: Lucky I paid attention…

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